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How to Move an Immovable Object?

How to move an immovable object?

It’s a fair question when talking about digital transformation, particularly for established organizations where processes, systems, mindsets, and human behaviors are often entrenched in “the familiar.” How do you take a business and truly create a metamorphosis into an entirely new digital and customer centric entity?

This is the conundrum of digital transformation initiatives. They sound smart, it feels like every business is doing one, but how much success can truly be achieved under the guise of a digital transformation strategic plan? The truth is that there is massive complexity in moving the forces of “the familiar” in an organization. It’s almost an immovable object.

Yet, your digital transformation can succeed if you incorporate a cultural transformation as part of the program. Considering the people part of change is elemental to success and needs to thoughtfully planned and supported by leadership.

A transformation roadmap requires a structured and intentional effort to include the employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Clear and consistent communications sharing the purpose, timing, and insights into how the changes may affect individuals at all levels is an obvious start. But a deeper understanding of the psyche of the employees and the customer will help shape the approach you need to take to blend the cultural change with the larger transformation effort.

An inclusive set of activities speaking to the diverse outlooks of your stakeholders should be incorporated. For example, employees freshly entering the workforce tend to look for involvement, voice, and transparency. Individuals that have been loyal long-term workers may want reassurance that they still have a valued place in the organization.

A human-centric transformation program that considers the impact across the spectrum of your stakeholders, one that prepares ahead for how to incorporate their perspectives, creates trust, and that clearly defines the purpose and the vision, will turn the seemingly immoveable organization into one that can embrace change.

We welcome your views on how to prepare for transformation, challenges in creating an organization of change, and your stories of success!

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