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Customer Experience Needs Client Engagement

Since the consumerization of IT became a movement with the advent of smart devices, the cloud, and big data around 2007, businesses have been inundated with the value of creating a delightful customer experience (CX). Businesses have invested heavily in manifesting (or attempting to manifest) the interactions and tools to meet that challenge.

But customer experience is only one piece of putting the customer at the core of winning business delivery.

Particularly with business-to-business (B2B) organizations there is a much richer and significant channel to perfect if companies expect to keep and to grow their customer base, and that is the incorporation of a client engagement program.

While customer experience is the overarching experience your customers have with your product, services, and interactions with your company, client engagement is the program you need to turn the aspiration into reality.

Client engagement is a structured methodology for infusing a customer-first culture and building collaborative trust with your B2B customers through defined actions and measured success outcomes.

Often a customer success discipline manages this program within an organization, in tandem with marketing and sales. The customer experience is the result of the combined effort of activities across your business to programmatically engage your customers in a way that brings them successful business results and brings your business, customers that want to stay and grow.

Stay tuned for more engagement insights, tips, and stories on business success through client engagement.

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