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Client Engagement Advisory Services


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Account Strategy Workshop

Hands On Strategy Session

Facilitated hands-on session with the engagement, sales, and marketing teams to outline & weave the engagement methodology into strategic account action plans.

Engagement Session

Framework & Methodology

A learning session for your team to fully understand the engagement framework, methodology, standard operating procedures, engagement measurement technique, and an interactive discussion on how this ties to your business.

Kick Off Workshop
Immerse in your Business

Interactive session with your team to share and align the business mission, strategic priorities, organizational capabilities, outline the target customer profiles and prioritize the accounts.

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Advisory Services: Coaching
Train the Team

  • Prep for 1:1 executive meetings with purpose

  • How to deliver the Strategic Client Workshop & do the Analysis

  • How to create a Customer Success Plan

  • How to create Executive Business Reviews based on Success Plan

Advisory Services: Facilitator

Executive for Hire

  • 1:1 Executive customer meetings & ongoing support

  • Facilitate Strategic Workshops & create analysis reports

  • Create Success Plans

  • Create & facilitate strategic Executive Business Reviews based on the Customer Success Plan


Advisory Services to get you there.

Workshops and customized services to fit your organization

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